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The Greatland Chapter is currently the only NAVHDA-sanctioned chapter in Alaska and Western Canada. Therefore, we welcome members from throughout the region. We endeavor to conduct clinics and tests in locations that best serve those members participating in each event.


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   Greatland NAVHDA

Promoting versatile hunting dogs in Alaska


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Alaska Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

NAVHDA Tests held 15-17 August ... click for details


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Photos from previous tests

Additional test day photos




"If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers



Greatland NAVHDA Chapter

The Greatland Chapter of NAVHDA is one of many sanctioned chapters in North America, and operates as a separate nonprofit corporation in the State of Alaska. We are a statewide organization, and the only NAVHDA-sanctioned chapter in the State, with members living in geographically dispersed locations in this Great Land we call Alaska.

The Chapter was originally formed in February of 2004 and has a current VHD owner base of around 40 versatile hunting dog owners.

Our purpose is to provide a source of camaraderie for our members with a common interest in sharing training and hunting opportunities with our versatile hunting dogs. We also intend to conduct NAVHDA-sanctioned tests and clinics in Alaska, provide training resources for our members, and a path for members who have an interest in becoming NAVHDA judges.

For additional information on the Greatland Chapter, please feel free to contact us by eMail at Greatland Chapter or by phone at 907-346-6279 (Roger Hull) or 907-337-6286 (Judy Deaver).

What is NAVHDA?

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to foster, promote and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America, to conserve game by using well-trained reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot, and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs.

Small Munsterlander during "Remain By Blind" event


Spring Season Training

Weekly training sessions are being held in Chugiak, organized and hosted by Don Lietzau, on Wednesday evenings. For more information, or to join in on these regular sessions, contact Don at 227-4261 or by eMail at


Field Training Clinic

A successful and well-attended field training clinic with live birds was held in Cantwell on May 31-June 2. The clinic, organized and led by Don Lietzau and Don Holum, was held at the Cantwell School. Pigeons were available for use throughout the weekend, but none were shot. We did have quail available for live shooting during field search and pointing training sessions. A blood tracking demo and discussion were held on Friday evening. Training tools available during the clinic included remote launchers and frozen birds for tracking and retrieve training.

May 31 - June 2


Training seminar

A field training seminar, led by NAVHDA Senior Judge Tom Sweazy, was held in Cantwell on Friday-Sunday, June 19-21. This seminar will include focused training to prepare dogs for all three NAVHDA tests, from Natural Ability through Utility. The seminar will include shooting live birds (chukkar) and pigeons for non-shooting drills and exercises.

June 19-21


The Greatland Chapter held a three-day series of NAVHDA tests on August 15-17 at the Chena Flood Control Project grounds in North Pole. Looking ahead to next year, applications for the tests are being accepted by our Test Secretary, Judy Deaver.

August 2015



NAVHDA Field Training and Basic Obedience


We are conducting our annual Basic Obedience and NAVHDA Field Training classes. The first class was held in January and will continue every week on Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM until spring. Dogs of all ages are welcome and will have the opportunity to work on many aspects of training throughout the winter and spring. The focus of the class will start with basic obedience like down, come, heel, and whoa. The training will progress toward field phase work for Natural Ability, Utility Prep and Utility Tests.

Classes will meet one night a week, on Wednesdays.

Participation is at no cost for Chapter members.

Birds and training tools will be available, with costs to be determined.

Handlers are expected to clean up after your dogs, and to have vaccinations up to date.

Wear clothes suitable for training outdoors, for those sessions where working in the yard is possible.

For all classes, please bring: a 4'-6' leash, long check cord (25-30'), flat collar, bumper or retrieve dummy, choke chain or pinch collar, eCollar with variable intensity and continuous mode (we can assistg with selecting an eCollar if you don't already have one)


Classes start at 7:00PM, Wednesday evenings, at Don Lietzau's place in Peters Creek at:

        20508 Mark Circle

        Chugiak, AK 99567

        907-227-4261  text or voice mail OK 



NAVHDA Training Seminar

Greatland NAVHDA once again is planning a training seminar. We are having Tom Swezey and an associate of his as instructors. Tom is a Senior NAVHDA Judge, and an accomplished NAVHDA trainer with Invitational Versatile Champions to his credit.

The seminar will be structured for all levels of training for the versatile hunting dog, from starting your pup to finishing your hunting companion, with work on field, water work and duck search ... everything you need to complete your NAVHDA test at whatever level you will be testing.

The seminar will be held in Cantwell. It will be three days of training, kicking off with an informal dinner and social time to meet the instructors, introduce all of the participants, meet new friends and renew old friendships, and enjoy a general visiting session. Then on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd, we'll run from 8:00am to noon, a break for lunch, then on toe 5:00pm ish. We finish a little earlier on Sunday so everyone that needs to head out for the drive home to be at work on Monday.

We will be meeting at the Cantwell School again, with camping at the school available for those who would like. Meals at the school will be available for purchase for those who would like to join us. Cost of the meals will be announced prior to the seminar.

Cost for the seminar itself will be $450 per handler-dog. Anyone interested in attending the seminar please contact Judy Deaver or Don Holum as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 20 handler-dog participants to ensure that everyone receives as much attention as needed. A 50% deposit will be required to hold your spot. Please send deposits to Judy Deaver.

Judy Deaver


4752 mills Drive

Anchorage, AK 99508

Don Holum
907-590-5714 cell
907-768-2900 home
Cantwell Motel Info
Backwoods Lodge


2015 NAVHDA Tests


The Greatland Chapter will hold a 3-day series of NAVHDA-sanctioned tests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, mid-August, in North Pole at the Chena Flood Control Plain area.

The series of tests will include dogs running in the Natural Ability, Utility Preparatory and Utility tests.

Test appplications may be submitted, along with the entry fee, to Judy Deaver to reserve your spot in the tests. Please use the NAVHDA Test Entry Form available here or on the NAVHDA International web site, but send the form directly to our Test Secretary, not to NAVHDA International.




2014 NAVHDA Tests


The Greatland Chapter held a 3-day series of NAVHDA-sanctioned tests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 15-17 August, in North Pole at the Chena Flood Control Plain area.

There were 18 dogs total running in the Natural Ability, Utility Preparatory and Utility tests


Dogs and handlers that ran in the tests included:


Natural Ability Utility Preparatory Utility

"Ace" with Scott Breitsprecher

"Josey" with Don Leitzau

"Sparky" with Jeff Alling

"Ella" with Laura Johnson

"Tanny" with Lulie Williams

"Sepp" with John Haddix

"Trigger" with Mike Feigley

"Callie" with Alison Hull

"Beanie" with Yong Chun

"Reka" with Carol Stielstra

"Lincoln" with Kenneth Gates

"Chance" with Forrest Bolles

"Athena" with Darryl Byerley

"Bezor" with Jeff McDonald

"Jake" with Jeff Alling

"Amigo" with Ben Stephan


"Lily" with Dori Hollingsworth

"Klous" with Don Lietzau


"Beem" with Kirilll Kirillov


"Sally" with Linda Williams



We appreciate the interest in participating in these tests, and the willingness to commit early enough in the year to let us get the logistics accomplished in time.

We are fortunate to have strong sponsorship support from NAVHDA's sponsorship partners like Purina, Tri-Tronics-Garmin, Brownell's, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. We trust that you have seen fit to patronize these folks throughout the year for your dog care, training and hunting needs.

  Photo Books


Each year we produced hard-cover, illustrated books using photos taken of each dog and handler during the tests. We make them available to all the handlers at a price a little over the cost of production. We produce a book custom-tailored to each handler and dog, and one that covers the entire test with shots of every dog and handler and descriptions of the tests. The books sell reasonably well and provide a positive return as an addition to the Chapter's treasury. We're doing the same thing following our 2014 tests. Finished books will be available within a couple of weeks.






Chapter events for 2015

The Chapter trains and tests during the summer. Click here for the tentative schedule of events.

If you are new to NAVHDA testing, and are considering running a pup in a Natural Ability Test, read this article by Steve Graham from the Pacific Northwest NAVHDA Chapter.



What's a versatile hunting dog?

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association defines versatility as "the dog that is bred and trained to dependably hunt and point game, to retrieve on both land and water, and to track wounded game on both land and water."
~ NAVHDA Aims, Programs, Test Rules

In the field, a versatile dog should exhibit a fine nose, staunch pointing and the desire to search for, track and retrieve game in a cooperative manner. A versatile dog needs to further prove its independence, stamina and quality of nose by transferring the search for, and retrieving of, game to the water. NAVHDA's testing program provides an opportunity for dogs to exhibit these characteristics while remaining obedient and in control at all times. True versatile dogs should perform all tasks with enthusiasm and be willing to work with, and for, their handlers.

The versatile breeds, as we know them today, are products of Europe. No distinctive versatile hunting breed has been developed in North America.

German Wirehaired Pointer during
Retrieve of Duck event
Small Munsterlander during "Search for Duck" event during Utility Test  

What does the Greatland Chapter offer you?

Tests ... The Greatland Chapter organizes and conducts NAVHDA-sanctioned Tests with a goal of two events a year in Alaska. Judges for these Tests are NAVHDA-approved, and come from the Lower 48 (until we develop approved judges within Alaska!). The tests include the Natural Ability Test, the Utility Preparatory Test and the Utility Test. Each test allows an owner or handler to have a dog tested without placing it in direct competition with the other dogs in the test. The dog is evaluated strictly on the basis of guidelines set out by NAVHDA. In a specific test, any number of dogs may receive any of the Prizes described in NAVHDA's Testing Manual.

Training Clinics ... The Greatland Chapter conducts dog training clinics based on the NAVHDA methods contained in the "Green Book" and the NAVHDA-produced video that come with NAVHDA International membership. These training clinics are held throughout the summer, starting in April, and are an excellent opportunity for owners new to dog training beyond basic obedience, owners with their first versatile hunting dog, and experienced owners/handlers. These clinics are a source of hints for managing problem dogs, starting puppies, refreshing your experienced dog, and refocusing on test-related skills prior to an actual Test. The training sessions are an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions (and get answers!), socialize your dog, and demonstrate what you and your dog have learned.

Finally, and most importantly, these training clinics provide access to ideal grounds and water, tracking areas, training tables, and other "tools of the trade" that may not be available to you at home.

NAVHDA-sanctioned Handler Clinics ... These are formal clinics run by NAVHDA-approved judges, and are a rich source of tips and tools for VHD owners contemplating participation in a formal Test. The Greatland Chapter can offer a Handler's Clinic in the local area with sufficient interest and participation.

Contacts ... The Greatland Chapter members include owners of a variety of VHD breeds, several hunting guides, veterinarians, veterans of NAVHDA tests, members of other hunting dog organizations and kennel clubs in Alaska, and people who have experienced just about any training difficulty you can imagine. Membership in the Chapter is a great opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge, and an excellent source for finding like-minded people to hunt with.

Pre-ownership information ... People who are contemplating acquiring their first versatile hunting dog, or a breed different from one you have trained or hunted with in the past, will find the Greatland Chapter a good way to benefit from a broad range of experience. Attending a training clinic where a variety of VHD breeds are present is the best way to see your breed in  action close-up and to ask questions of an owner rather than a breeder. The relationships you develop within the Chapter can be long-lasting and a real benefit throughout your training and hunting experiences with your new dog.

How to join:

To join the Greatland Chapter of NAVHDA, please print out the membership application form and mail it to us with a check for your annual dues. We do not have the capability to accept credit card payments. Please include your eMail address so we can add you to our mailing list for announcements. Also, please check this site for the Chapter newsletter, announcements regarding Tests, clinics and other events.

Large Munsterlander after Retrieve of Shot Bird

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